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Smell will make you fall in Love!1 If you Like tell others,Don't tell us.2 Just Tell @ what rate you want..?? ( Best in india for Job work)3 Real Test of ASAFOETIDA....since..19774

Dwarkesh Hing Supplying Co

Welcome to the company having over 40 years of experience exclusively in ASAFOETIDA / HING manufacturing in India 🇮🇳 Since 1977. we are serving our costumers world wide, we are known for our Best Quality as well as Timely delivery. We are very clear,specific and determined to Follow **100% **it's original and genuine making Process!
We never compromise in it, we might not be world famous but very confident, once Anybody Test our Asafoetida shall not forget us! Asafoetida making is our passion we always Keep Indian food Recipes & food Lovers in our mind to make our product BEST in TEST.

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This truly is the best hing ever. This raw hing (asafoetida) powder has a pleasant aroma and is essential to Indian cooking. It comes from the dried resin of a plant from the fennel family. Traditionally, hing has been used as a digestive aid, added to legumes (beans and peas) and gas-producing vegetables. Our hing powder is pleasantly aromatic and pungent raw and becomes mellow and garlicky when cooked in ghee. It is Raw, Non-GMO, and Non-Irradiated.
I really love hing. I have fond memories of growing up in India, where my mother would give a tadka of hing in ghee (sauté hing in ghee) and add it to the food she prepared. The whole kitchen would be filled with a beautiful aroma.

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